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Safe Infusion Therapy
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International Agency for Research on Cancer

Infection in the conduct of medical or nursing measures, transmission of other than the typical hospital germs possible (e.g. Hepatitis, HIV).

Intensive care unit

Antibody - a protein produced to help the immune system to identify and neutralise foreign bodies

The formation of an infarct (local tissue death) caused by an obstruction of the blood circulation

Incompatibility is an undesirable reaction that occurs between the drug and the solution, container or another drug. The two types of incompatibilities associated with intravenous administration are physical and chemical.

Any treatment which is related to placing something within the heart or a general description for a problem occuring within the heart

An individual is made resistant to an infection or disease by placing an immunogen (agent) into the body. This stimulates the immune system. After that the immune system is fortified against the agent, so that the individual is protected against the disease. This type of immunization is called vaccination.

The invasion, settlement and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in a host organism.

Infusion therapy is related to the intravenous administration of drugs or solutions through a needle or a catheter, as opposed to the oral route of medication.

Filter placed in the intravenous line to ensure that no particles or bacteria (depending on the pore size) enter the blood-stream.

Describes the alteration of a drug effect due to the influence of another substance (i.e. drug, chemical substance, nutrition) resulting in a solution that is no longer optimal for the patient when the substances are mixed.

Located inside of the lumen

Process in which an atom or molecule is converted into an ion by losing or gaining electrons.

Restricted blood circulation through an organ or a tissue which can lead to malfunction or any other damage of concerned tissue.


Intravenous Catheter: IVCs are used for peripheral venipuncture for establishing access to the blood system of a patient to deliver infusion solution, blood or pharmaceuticals in carrier solutions or for monitoring systemic pressure

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