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A solid liquid or gaseous element floating in the bloodstream. An embolus can block an artery / a blood vessel causing an embolism which can be lethal.

Medical application of ultrasound to examine the functioning of the heart and to diagnose possible cardiovascular diseases.

The sudden obstruction of a blood vessel by an embolus. Typically, this might be by a blood clot, an air bubble or fat droplet.

Procedure consisting in the selection and the occlusion of a specific blood vessel or an organ by the lodgment of a material mass (embolus), e.g. in order to deprive tumors of their blood supply.

Inflammation of the inner layer of the hearth muscle (endocardium) which usually involves the heart valve

Cell walls of gram-negative bacteria consist of lipopolisaccharides. If these cells are destroyed and LPS are released, the immune systems recognizes the LPS and reacts with an inflammation. Because of this toxic reaction, LPS are called "endotoxins".

A branch of medical science studying patterns of health and illness and associated factors in a population. Used to identify risk factors for illness and determining optimal treatment approaches.

Exposure Prevention Information Network

European Federation of Public Service Unions.

Redness of the skin resulting from an excess of blood in the capillaries situated in the lower layers of the skin. An erythema can be caused for example by a sunburn.

Executive body of the European Union (EU) that represents the interests of the EU as a whole. The EU commission proposes new legislation to the Council of the EU and the European Parliament and ensures that the member states apply the law correctly.

Framework agreement on the prevention of injuries caused by any medical sharps with the objective to achieve the safest possible working environment for all workers in the hospital and healthcare sector.

Toxin produced during the growth of a microorganism. An exotoxin can cause major damage to the surrounding tissue.

Located outside of the lumen

Dysfunction of the extrapyramidal system, a motoric nerve system outside the corticospinal system, which controls for adjusted speed, strength and direction of movements.

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